5 Ways To Improve Website traffic

Internet website promotion has one main aim: to increase traffic to your site. You must improve website traffic in order to grow your online business. This is a constant task, often leading to brain-melt, but you have to keep at it. Here are 5 ways to build that traffic:

  • Niche Forums
  • Free Content Articles
  • Free Gifts
  • Signature Block
  • RSS

Not all will work equally well in all niches.  You should experiment with each of them to see which helps to improve website traffic best. And remember that you need to be able to write good copy if you want to hold your readers’ attention, whatever Internet website promotion you are doing.

Let’s take a closer look at these various ways to promote your website.

1.  Niche Forums

Forums in your niche are great places to promote your internet marketing business. They are also a good way to find out what people want or are discussing, giving you good pointers for new website content or promotions. This is important because search engines love fresh content, and this will lead to higher rankings and the increased traffic that will result.

Once you have established yourself in a forum you should be able to include backlinks, which will increase website traffic to your site quite dramatically.  Not only that, but this will be what is known as targeted traffic, people who are already interested in your niche and in what you may be promoting.  This is the best traffic of all.


2.  Free Content Articles

Submitting free content to one or more of the many article directories, like Ezines, is one of the best ways to promote your website and build valuable back links. I have even made direct sales from some of my articles!

Most directories have high page rank and when they publish your article they provide a link to your site or webpage. This is because they allow you to include a link or links to your website in the resource box of the article you submitted.  These are good backlinks.

Also, of course, people reading your article often follow the links to your site as well – more traffic! My clickthrough rate at Ezines is just over 25%, for example, which means that 1 in 4 readers are linking to my webpages.

Make sure you know the terms and conditions of these directories. For instance, you may have to provide unique content. That means the article you submit must be at least 25% to 50% different, word for word, from any other article on the Internet.

Some people use spinning programs to turn one article into virtually unlimited ‘unique’ articles.  If you do this, please check each ‘spun’ version for grammar and readability before releasing it.  The Internet is full of worthless, unreadable content that has obviously been spun badly. That is not the way to improve website traffic!


3.  Free Gifts

You can offer free gifts on your blog or on a squeeze page you are using to build a list. Of course the ‘gift’ you offer will once again be linked to your website and you will also want to encourage the recipients to share the gift with their friends. A typical gift might be an ebook which you could compile from a selection of your website content articles.  You can also buy, for very little money, readymade ebooks targeted to your niche, which you can edit to include links or anchor text for your site.

Remember the free content articles you are submitting? Well, you can direct people to your squeeze page with the links in your resource boxes, and here again you will be boosting your web profile and increasing traffic at the same time.


4.  Signature Block

As you move around online and get involved in social sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), forums, emails and blogs, always use a signature block that includes links to your website.

This is your ‘business card’ and you should leave it everywhere and anywhere. It is a great way to promote your website.


5.  RSS Feeds

Make sure you have an RSS feed button prominently displayed at the top of each webpage.  This allows people to follow any updates or additions made to your website and to return from time to time.

I make a point of checking my RSS feeds regularly.  It is amazing how often they tend to drop off or disappear completely, at least in WordPress.


The 5 ways listed above to promote your website and increase traffic have been proven over time and work very well for most niches.  Test each in your own niche to see which works best for you, and be alert to changes in the way the Internet works.  Google, for instance, recently modified its search algorithms to crack down on what it sees as duplicate content in websites, dropping those that it considered to be offenders.  This sort of thing goes on all the time.

But, if you follow these guidelines and write good copy, you will see your traffic soar.  Then your sales will take off too!

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