Basics Of Earning Money Online

Is earning money online really feasible for an inexperienced newbie? Someone who knows nothing about HTML, websites or how the internet works? From personal experience, the answer is a resounding YES. MoneyMakingBuzz is here to show you some of the best ways to make money without wasting any of your own.

Basic Principles

Let’s get rid of some myths first. Do not believe that, if you simply fling some keywords around. You will eventually strike lucky and land on that seven figure earner.   A few, a VERY few, people manage to do that and WOW, do we hear about it for evermore. Many others try to sell you on the idea.

The truth about making money online is much more down to earth. To be successful you need to work hard and consistently. Just like everybody else who has managed to succeed in this business.  And, to start, you should consider taking a good tutorial course that will save you time and money in the long run.

That is the key – earning money online is a business and must be treated as such. That is how I started out a few years ago. Now, I am reaping the benefits. My aim now is to show you how to take the right steps. Make the right decisions and find that particular niche that works for you.

This is not a difficult business in which to be successful. You do not need to be an expert in every aspect of internet marketing before you can make any money.  And there is plenty of room for everyone, even in the supposedly saturated niches like dog training and acne solutions.

Where To Start

To start earning money online you need:

  • A unique name for your website (Domain Name)
  • A host server somewhere in the world (DNS Server)
  • A website design template and/or a text editor
  • One or more products to sell or a way to make commissions selling other peoples’ products

What To Use

You will probably want to buy various tools to help you improve your website in due course but, to start, you only need some free gadgets such as the invaluable Google Keyword Tool.  As you earn money you will need to re-invest some of it in tools. Software programs that will help you make more money more quickly in much greater quantities.

Ready Made Websites

There are programs available for producing websites where all of the basic footwork and much of the research has been done for you.  Proven niches and products, site design and templates, bonuses and ebooks to use as giveaway promotions, newsletters to use with emailing campaigns, even good page content – all these can be provided as part of the package.  And all of this will save you a bundle of time and energy.  Think of the time it takes to write 20 pages of content yourself – getting it done by an SEO expert is invaluable.

If you are looking for ways to earn money online and are new to internet marketing, making a website can be a daunting affair.  There are so many things to learn and do all at once.   Perhaps a ready made website could be the answer?

Domain Names

The best source of domain names is Namecheap.  Here you will find all available domains at the lowest cost, most currently available at around $10 for one year.  From my own experience, I can say that their technical and customer support are first class. Their control panel for managing your domains is also very easy to use.

DNS Server

Having tried a number of DNS servers I can strongly recommend Hostgator. Like Namecheap their technical and customer support services are excellent.  This is very important because you are unlikely to have the necessary expertise to sort out the occasional problems that do occur with servers from time to time, and it is a great comfort to have a sympathetic and helpful live expert on hand to get these problems ironed out.


Tracking your website and page performance is vital to growing your business.  You have to perceive how every watchword performs after some time. It might need to analyse a whole tonne of traffic statistics.  There for it is very important to keep an eyes on your competitors.

A most useful tool is Google Analytics, which you should install on all your pages. This is a free piece of code that, once inserted in the page, will give you all sorts of useful information about that page’s performance. Traffic, keywords used and how often, visitor data, performance over time – there is a mammoth amount of detail to help you develop your website.

Keyword Research

Right from the start, you will need to find keywords that will attract visitors to your website or individual web pages.  The Google Keyword Tool will be a great help and you will use it constantly.  It is free as well, which helps too.  But you will soon learn, once you are making money on the internet, that you need additional tools to help find the right keywords and also to check what your successful competitors are using.

Writing Good Content

The right keywords are very important for attracting the visitors you want, but they need to be used properly.  This means placing them on the page in such a way that a reader (visitor) will want to stay on the page and eventually click through to the sales landing page (a clickthrough), hopefully, to buy the product (a conversion). This, in turn, means that your affiliate page must be well written, known as good Content. With the best keywords in the world, the search engines will not give your page a high ranking unless it has good content.


Internet marketing is a social activity.  You need traffic (people) to your website in order to make sales or conversions.  Ideally, this traffic should be targeted to your particular niche and be interested in what you have to say. And one of the best ways to do this is by being a member of a niche forum.  Here you will come across like-minded people to yourself, get a good idea of what they are talking about or what they need (good for your research), get links to your website and – importantly – get visits from people targeted to your niche.

For online marketing, one of the best is the Internet Marketing Forums. This is full of topics and questions of great interest to anyone serious about internet marketing and looking for ways to ways to make extra money. Make a point of posting as much as possible, to get yourself known and trusted by the other members.

The Warrior Forum is one of the best all-around forums, full of helpful information from the internet marketing community on all sorts of topics.  I recommend joining and contributing on a regular basis.


Social Media


Everybody loves Facebook, but very few know how to use it properly.  There is no official guide for Facebook, and FB keeps changing itself, which doesn’t help! There is also a lot of Facebook jargon that can be confusing, especially for a beginner.

But one thing is certain – you need to use Facebook for your internet marketing.  It is now bigger than Google, with more than 500 million regular users worldwide.  You want to get access to some of those millions.  And you have to understand Facebook and how to use its many facilities to get that access.















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