How To Write Copy That Sells

Unless you can afford the services of expensive professional copywriters, learning how to write copy yourself is vital for successful conversions.  Good copywriters use carefully chosen words in an interesting and effective way to persuade the reader to do something.  Most likely this will be a Call To Action, which could lead to a sale on some other website.  This is known as a Conversion, and is the way affiliates make money online.  That is why copywriting SEO is a skill essential to long-term success online for most of us.

If visitors take one look at your headline and click away from the page, or the first few lines of content fail to grab them, there will be few or no conversions.  No online income ….

But if you could learn to make profit-pulling sales letters and watch your conversions EXPLODE, would you be interested?  And if you found this process so easy that anyone capable of operating a keyboard could do it?  OK.

See?  The first Call To Action! However, if you are still reading this, I might not have succeeded (yet!) in showing you how to learn the simple copywriting lessons you need for online creative writing before you can make serious money from internet marketing.

At the very least, you need to know:

  • How to nail the attention of visitors rapidly (and keep it until they click that button!).  The wording of your headline is super-important here.
  • The best fonts, text colors and styles to get a dramatic effect on conversion rates (50% or as much as 300% improvement is quite possible). For instance, black text on a white background is much better than any other color combination for readability.
  • When to use a long sales letter or a short one and why.  The answer is not always what you might expect, and has to do with how serious your visitor really is about improving his or her knowledge.
  • How to identify the needs of readers correctly and forge a bond with them.  Without a high degree of trust, your visitor is unlikely to stay with you all the way to the purchase button.

Knowing how to write copy means using the right words in an engaging and convincing manner that leads directly to successful conversions.  The search engines pick up on this and your page ranking improves.  This, in turn, improves the traffic to that page.  More visitors, more conversions.  And so on, a wonderful example of Cause and Effect.

The best effect of all will be to your bank balance!


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